Acu-stop Smoking

      Many acupuncturists offer this kind of addiction control treatment. It has been used for all types of substance addictions including cocaine, alcohol and other drugs. It is utilized by numerous drug court programs all over America, and is well known for having less relapses than other types of treatment programs.


      The ACU-STOP smoking program is used worldwide to help people quit the cigarette habit. It is a successful program that is also utilized for drug and alcohol addictions. ACU-STOP is used by smokers who have a hard time quitting because of their body’s intense response to nicotine withdrawal.

      ACU-STOP works with the body’s own efforts to overcome nicotine addiction. Acupuncture treatments are effective on three different levels in the body:

                  1.  They help stop the cycle of physical addiction and craving balancing the chemistry of the brain.

                  2.  Treatments strengthen the glandular and nervous systems which have been overstimulated by nicotine.

                  3.  Acupuncture promotes detoxification of the lungs, sinuses and other body parts affected by cigarette toxins.

      The acupuncture treatment instructs the brain to release certain chemicals that override the withdrawal symptoms. These chemicals, called endorphins, are very powerful and the body utilizes them for other purposes including pain relief.

      The ACU-STOP treatments have no side-effects and will not interfere with any other kind of therapy. Sessions are pain-free and very relaxing, usually taking 30-45 minutes. Sterile, ultra-thin needles are used to treat specific acu-points.


      The ACU-STOP smoking program consists of 5 office visits for acupuncture treatments. The visits take place over a period of 2-3 weeks. After each treatment is over, tiny gold-coated Acu-pellets are placed over key points. These pellets will continue stimulating the acu-points between sessions.

     The most important element in any stop smoking program is the individual’s commitment to quit smoking. The ACU-STOP program is designed only for people who have made that strong commitment. It is a powerful adjunct to will-power that gets positive results when a clear decision is made. The person enrolled in the program must quit smoking by the second treatment. The ACU-Stop program has a 70-80% success rate nationally.


“I can be, I will and I am free of smoking!”

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