Treatment Philosophy

Fee schedule


The first visit includes history, exam and treatment.           $125.00

Acupuncture treatment:       70.00

Sound healing; one hour of hands on therapy:                              100.00

Stop smoking package deal; two treatments per week, five total. Success rate is 85%.              185.00


This short clip is typical of Stephen's work.  It shows different point being stimulated with regular acupuncture.  Notice how gentle and mild the treatment is.  All points have different depths, some are needled deeper or along the energy-Qi channel (meridian).

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     My acupuncture treatment philosophy has two aspects.  My first goal is to help the patient immediately, to address whatever problem has brought them to the office.  The second goal is to focus on healing the whole person, body-mind-spirit.  The acupuncture treatment may seem similar, but the intention for each goal is different.  To help someone immediately requires specific techniques that gets actual results in helping the body to change quickly.  To help the whole person requires that the patient is an active participant in their own healing and is striving to become the best person that they can be.  My job is to help them along, using the healing tools and techniques that I am skillful with to re-establish the internal harmony that generates integration and higher level wellness

     The style of acupuncture that I practice is a mixture of the most effective parts of many approaches.  For most of my sessions, the foundation of the treatment is Taoist Balancing methods. From what I've observed in practice, this approach results in faster results for most problems.  It is based on balancing the channels and "holographic" body imaging (see note below).
The goal is to "balance and harmonize" the body, so that it heals itself.  My first clinical judgement is to determine which type or style of treatment will affect the patient the most positively.  Since some diseases and symptoms require types or styles of treatment, I am quite flexible in my approach.

    I don't treat infants with with needles, however I have treated them numerous times with our other Chinese Medical modalities.  My oldest patients are in their late nineties and respond well to my normal treatments.  I treat all ages and types, and have occasionally done house calls.  In years past, before a few local veterinarians learned some acupuncture, I also treated treat dogs and cats.


For patients in acute pain, many times they can feel it leaving their body during the acupuncture treatment, or feel dramatically relieved when they get off the table.  Another typical treatment experience is one of deep relaxation and peacefulness which is indicative of healing.  Many times people feel energized and more focused after acupuncture.  Very often patients fall into a deep sleep, which can be restorative and healing. Treatments usually last for 30 minutes, though it can vary, and it takes about 1 hour for the whole visit.  For some people, just being able to totally relax for that period of time is healing in and of itself.

     Because of my training and long experience, I have useful guidance to give about diet, herbal medicine, lifestyle adjustments, exercise, self healing and home remedies.  When it's appropriate, I listen and provide counseling as it relates to balancing the energies and patterns of the body and mind.  Some sessions require a lot of counseling as the disease process is oftimes intertwined with psychological patterns. There is always a referral network of trusted professionals I have worked with for years in different medical specialties.

Un-typical Treatment

      One patient wanted a simple hernia repair without any anesthesia.  Working with the surgeon in an outpatient surgical suite, I used acupuncture as the anesthesia, using about 10 needles total.  The patient was quite happy with the results, the surgeon and I were extremely pleased that it worked so well!  It was probably one of the few hernia surgeries done in America using acupuncture instead of anesthesia.

Specialties and Conditions Treated

I have a general medical practice and treat everyone that can be helped by Chinese Medicine.  Because so many people suffer with chronic musculo-skeletal pain, gastro-intestinal disorders, sports injuries and headaches; I am considered to specialize in pain relief.  

     In Gainesville Florida, allergies are a big problem due to the damp climate and verdant growth.  Other diseases I see a lot of are gastro-intestinal, chronic fatigue,  neurological diseases, fibromyalgia, arthritis; geriatric conditions, pediatric disorders, lung problems, liver and gallbladder diseases, anxiety disorders and psychological issues.   A lot of patients get treatment for post surgical/trauma rehabilitation, workers compensation, auto accidents and to speed up healing after surgeries and repairs.  I have helped many people get off of prescription medications, endless chiropractic adjustments, nicotine and other drugs.

      As the list below shows, I have treated almost every type of problem in all medical fields and like many very experienced acupuncturists, get wonderful results for my patients.  This is a partial list of the diseases I have successfully treated.  It doesn't mean that they have been completely cured, though many have.

Abdominal Pain                                              Gastritis                                              Rehabilitation

Allergies                                                         GERD                                                  Repetitive Motion Trauma

Arthritis                                                         Hay Fever                                           Sciatica

Asthma                                                          Headaches                                           Shingles

Back Pain                                                       Hiccough                                             Shoulder Pain

Bells Palsy                                                      Hypertension                                      Sinusitis/Rhinitis

Bronchitis                                                       Hypoglycemia                                    Soft-Tissue Injuries

Bursitis                                                           Infections                                           Sore Throat

Cancer Side Effects                                         Irritable Bowel Syn.                            Spastic Colon

Candida                                                          Joint Pains                                          Stomach Ailments

Carpal Tunnel Syn.                                         Menopause                                         Stroke Rehabilitation

Chronic Fatigue Syn.                                      Menstrual Difficulties                          Tendonitis

Chronic Pain                                                   Migraine Headaches                            Tennis Elbow

Common Cold                                                Morning Sickness                                TMJ Syndrome

Constipation                                                   Muscular Problems                             Ulcers

Cough                                                             Neck  Problems                                   Urinary Tract Infections

Cystitis                                                           Neuropathies                                      Vertigo

Deficient Immunity                                        Numbness                                           Whiplash

Depression                                                     Peripheral Neuralgias                          Wrist Pain

Dizziness                                                        PMS - PID                                            Yeast Infections

Ear Infections                                                 Poor Circulation                                  Acu-Stop Smoking

Fatigue                                                           Post-Operative Recovery                                    


There are many other diseases and symptoms I have treated successfully.  This can mean that patients get either temporary relief, palliative relief or complete cure. This includes conditions like labor and delivery, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinsons, fibromyalgia, Lymes disease, diabetes, Lupus and many other strange syndromes.  For many conditions there are no cures, but I've been able to give significant help with the symptoms.


On "holographic" and body imaging:  The Taoist approach to the human body is to view it as patterns and images of itself; so the arm and legs are images of each other, the fingers and toes, and so on for all body parts. There are multiple image patterns for each part and system.  Many people label this in modern terms as holographic, whereby each body part is a representation of the whole body.  A more accurate term is "fractal."
This describes how in nature life builds itself out of replicating patterns.  Acupuncture then becomes a treatment to restore the damaged patterns back to balance.

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