Glossary of Terms

Here is a small glossary of common terms used in Chinese Medicine.

Point:   A spot in the body that affects many different systems including the brain when stimulated by acupuncture or other methods. Often times it moves around a little bit when it is out of balance.

Channel:   Many times labeled meridian, a channel is like a blood vessel that conducts Qi energy throughout the body. There are 12 main and 8 extra channels that have or share points in the body. There are endless numbers of smaller channels throughout the body; while blood vessels, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves also circulate Qi energy.

Qi:   Also spelled Chi, it is a type of Life Force energy that is the basis of biological life. It is non material, what is noticed is the action of it, or it's effects. It is fundamental to understanding how the body functions, rather than what makes it up. Qi is more like the software and electricity running through the body. It is also considered to be an aspect of air/oxygen, or how much oxygen is in the blood and tissues.

Acupuncture:   The use of needles or other methods to stimulate points in the body to restore harmony and re-create balance for the purpose of helping the body and mind to heal itself. Other methods include moxabustion heat therapy, cupping, massage, electric stimulation and Medical Qi Gong.

Medicine:   The well tested and proven formulas of the most brilliant Chinese physicians of the past and present. All formulas can be adjusted to fit the needs of each specific patient, while standardized formulas also provide healing for most types of diseases.

Tui Na:   A type of traditional Chinese massage that utilizes the principles and techniques of Chinese Medicine.

Qi Gong:   Also spelled Chi Kung, it is an exercise system that focuses on increasing Qi flow in the body to promote healing. It is low impact and very effective.

Shiatsu:   This massages is native to Japan and uses many parts of the complete Chinese Medical approach along with joint work. The emphasis is on using thumbs, hands and other body parts to deeply stimulate the point and channel systems.

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