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* 2022 Fall Intensive *
Gainesville, Florida
November 4 - 6
Qi Gong ~ Water Tai Chi ~ Original Yang Tai Chi
Fun learning and deepwork!

What is Qi Gong ?

       Qi Gong is a type of Chinese exercise that promotes self healing of the body and the mind. It is a very gentle and low impact exercise system. The goal is to increase the energy flow, blood circulation and nourishment to all cells of the body. It is really a form of "Chinese Medicine in motion." The difference between Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi) is that most Qi Gong exercises are repetitive and not a linked movement form like Tai Chi Chuan.

       Tai Chi Chuan is considered a type of Qi Gong, though it is really a martial art that is practiced as a moving meditation. [Qi or Chi is pronounced chee, gong is sometimes spelled "kung." Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Ji Chuan is correctly pronounced Tie Zhee Chwan.]

       The primary methods of Qi Gong are internal. Using muscular force, tension and other exertions are against the "rules" and principles. Instead we use conscious breathing, relaxation, intention and gentle movements to promote increased circulation and deep relaxation. This type of practice is a body meditation that is very healing to the brain, mind, organs and nervous system.

       Qi Gong is usually done standing in one position or moving the feet just a little bit. It can be done when sitting and even lying down. There are some forms that look like Tai Chi and some exercises that are entirely internal and mental. There are many types of Qi Gong; general self healing, martial, Taoist, Buddhist, Tibetan, Shaolin and others.

       Medical Qi Gong is the application of Qi energy from a practitioner to a patient. This can be accomplished via direct transmission or thru acupuncture needles. A Qi Gong master is a person who possess a very strong qi field and can use it for healing, artwork or high level martial arts. Different traditional cultures all have their own version of Qi Gong masters, depending on the context and time period.

My Qi Gong History

       My first introduction to Qi Gong was not with a standard Chinese style. I heard about a vision course that enabled one to cure their need for glasses. The Bates Vision method was invented by an American eye doctor who discovered that many vision problems were healable. Unfortunately, most eye doctors think that it is completely impossible and never suggest it and don't know anything about healing eye problems naturally.

       I gave up my glasses after six years of wearing them and still have good vision to this day, more than thirty years later. [Now there are numerous courses available for self eye healing.]

       The next introduction was in studying Macrobiotics. This health system based on Chinese and Japanese medicines is from Japan, and one of the central teachings is self healing. [Before the modern Chinese invented the word Qi Gong, the practices were known as Tao Yin and Yang Sheng. The Japanese word is Do-In.] I studied Do-In with with two experts in the field, Michio Kushi and Jacques DeLangre. I practiced and taught Macrobiotics and Do-In on and off for years.

       Starting in the late 1980's I studied for seven years a martial Qi Gong that came from a Vietnamese master. In 1994 I switched to Chinese forms and began a more formal study, starting with Sifu Bill Smith, then Jeff Nagel, L.Ac. and culminating with Grandmaster David Chin.

       I am certified by Jeff Nagel to teach in his lineage, which is mostly based on the teaching of Taoist Master Share Lew. (He was the first master to openly teach Taoist Qigong to non-Chinese, starting in the early 1970's. Master Lew’s style, the Tao Ahn Pai-Taoist Elixir Style, is over 1300 years old, and he was the last survivor of the lineage. He passed at age 94 in 2012.)

       Grandmaster David Chin has certified me to teach levels one through five in his Sin Tien Wu Ji Qi Gong system. Sifu Chin is a long time Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong master and multiple lineage holder who is highly respected in the international Kung Fu world. His system is very unique and covers many types of Qi Gong including Tibetan breathing techniques and I Chuan standing meditation.

Qi Gong Classes

       I teach a variety of Qi Gong styles, depending on the class. The foundation is the Sin Tien Wu Ji style, which is a combination of active movements and standing meditation. Everyone who does it loves the workout!

       At the local acupuncture college, Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, I taught mostly from the Nagel/Sifu Share Lew lineage, as it is really helpful for healers. Another form I teach is the "Tai Chi For Liberation" form, which is an 800 year old Primordial Wuji Tai Ji form that includes aspects of Chinese medicine, the I Ching, Feng Shui and cosmic energies. Besides being healing for the whole body-mind; it is specifically healing for the 5 Elemental Phases, and it is unique in that is is ceremonial in nature and can be used in many types of rituals.

       I teach privately, semi-privately or group classes. I am available for workshops lasting a half a day up to two days. To learn the Sin Tien Wu Ji set takes a few days of class, the Tai Chi for Liberation form takes only one day.

Tai Chi Chuan

       Since 2007 I’ve been studying with Grandmaster David Chin, and am one of his formal lineage disciples. Sifu Chin is a lineage holder in a number of systems and is known worldwide for his deep skill. I study Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and Hop Gar Kung Fu with him.

       My serious study of Tai Chi Chuan started with Sifu Bill Smith in 1994. At that time he was teaching the Cheng Man Ching Yang Short form, push hands and weapons. I was his senior instructor. I’ve been studying Tai Chi Sword and Yang Style with Master Ken Van Sickle of New York City. He is considered one of the few swords Masters in America.

       I teach Sifu Chin's Yang short form, the Kuo Lien Ying Original Yang Form and the Yang style "Feather Sword." It is the standard Chinese straight Jian sword used in all Tai Ji styles. Classes in sword are usually private, and workshops are also available.


Qi Gong & Tai Chi class on Tuesdays from 7:15pm - 8:45pm.
16 NW 7th Avenue, Gainesville, FL.

Advanced Tai Chi - Kuo Lien Ying Original Yang Style class on Thursdays from 7:30pm - 8:30pm.

Qi Gong class: Call office for current classes.

Private Classes by appointment.

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