There are two different types of seminars that I teach, dealing with Acupuncture and Qi Gong.  For Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine there are 6 seminars in a series about the Taoist Style approach.  The  Taoist Style traces its roots back to the beginning of the medicine.   The acupuncture treatment style is based on the channel (meridian) system, not the organ (zang-fu) system.  We use palpation skills to find the correct points which are an image of the problem channels and body parts.  The hallmark of the style is "balance and harmony" by use of just a few needles.  This results in faster healing than other systems of Chinese Medicine.  Points are used to create balance in the channels, to harmonize qi and blood circulation and to heal specific body parts.

      The Taoist Style uses I-Ching acupuncture relationships as one model.  The insights from Tai Ji Chuan, Qi Gong and Feng Shui practices are other models.  It is a distinctly pre-TCM system of medicine.  The various types of "Balance" systems are similar and come from some of the same sources.    Other influences include Tong's style points and treatment methodologies, subtle and mild needling techniques, constitutional perspectives and tremendous clinical expertise from a diverse group of master doctors.

      The Taoist Style is part of a larger system known as the Eight Branches.  The Eight branches is comprised of different approaches to health starting with the most internal and self generated, which is meditation, to the most external and invasive, which is acupuncture.  It includes diet, herbology, feng shui, cosmology and covers the whole range of health and healing.    

      This style is taught by the Golden Dragon Health Association of San Diego, California.  I am the first teacher to be approved to teach this system.  Jeff Nagle, MA, L.Ac. is the principle teacher.  One of his primary teaches is Taoist Master Share Lew, who learned his medicine at the Yellow Dragon Monastery in China, prior to the communist revolution and destruction.  This monastery was well known over its 1300 year history for its healing and medical skills, qi gong and martial arts.  

      The other seminars I teach are about Qi Gong, Tai Ji Chuan and Tai Ji Sword.  Seminars in Qi Gong can be as short as a few hours up to a full weekend.  The Qi Gong styles cover a full range from extremely simple exercises for the infirm, to complete multi-movement forms.  They include forms with emphasis on the empty mind of "wuji," and forms with intense visualizations.  All the forms I teach create healing and internal balance.  I am certified by the Golden Dragon Association as well as the International Sin Tien Wu Chi Gong and Original Yang Style Tai Chi Association (ISOYA).  Tai Ji Sword is the Yang style straight sword (Jian) and seminars cover the form and beginning fencing skills.

      I am available for seminars, private or semi-private classes, excepting  acupuncture which is only taught in seminars.

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