Sound Healing

sound healing demo

Here are some clips of sound healing using tuning forks. The forks being used are the Ohm, Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Venus.

      The kind of Sound Healing I practice is called Acutonics©. When I first started my acupuncture practice, someone gave me a few tuning forks that I used experimentally and without any clear idea of how to use them. So they were put deep into a closet. In 2004 I came across Acutonics and started to study it with the founder, Donna Carey, L.Ac., and later with her senior instructors, Jude and Paul Ponton. Donna is a long time practitioner of Chinese Medicine who was extremely successful in her work prior to "discovering" the effects of harmonic sounds on the human body, mind and energy systems. She found that using precisely measured tones applied to acupuncture points and channels created strong healing responses. Working with her partner, a trained musician, they mapped out the tuning fork system that is the heart of the method.

      Sound Healing is a new field of medicine that is gaining in popularity because it is non-invasive, gets terrific results and feels extraordinarly good. Besides tuning forks that cover 3 different octaves of notes, we use chimes, Tibetan bowls and bells, drums and other instruments. The goal is to introduce notes, harmonies, vibrations and tonal fields directly into the body. Along with treating diseases and symptoms in terms of Chinese Medicine, other perspectives are available, such as working with the chakras, geometric templates, auric balancing and other energetic type treatments.

      Acutonics sound healing is very useful for children because there are no needles (though children respond very well to gentle acupuncture). Often times it is integrated into the acupuncture treatment as an adjunctive modality.

      Sound Healing is very deep work. When a person decides to get a series of treatments, they can count on moving fast thru whatever patterns they are wanting to heal. There are typically very little side effects from sound treatments.

      Sound healing sessions last for one hour and is continuous hands on therapy. It is common to rest for a little bit after the session is over before going out driving.

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