Stephen Schachter's CV


9/74 – 5/75 Connecticut College; New London, CT
8/76 – 3/79 Oriental Medicine, East-West Foundation; Boston, MA
3/79 – 10/82 Acupuncture apprenticeship with Dr. Yun Won Suh, OMD, MD,
fifth generation Korean Master; Boston, MA
3/79 – 6/84 Oriental Nutrition with Dr. Jack Garvey, ND; Boston, MA
6/84 – Present Continuing Education in Chinese and Holistic Medicine
3/91 – Present Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong; Gainesville, FL; NY, NY; Fayetteville, NC
1999 - Present Taoist Style Chinese Medicine, Golden Dragon Health
Association, San Diego, CA


9/82 Acupuncture Physician, Florida, #72
6/84 Oriental Nutritional Consultant, Foundation For Energetic Medicine, Dr. Jack Garvy, NC
2004 - 2006                 Levels 1-4 Acutonics, Kairos Institute, NM
2007 Instructor, Golden Dragon Health Association; San Diego, CA
2008 Instructor Level 2, International Sen Tien Wu Chi Gongand Tai Chi Association, Fayetteville, NC


10/82 – Present        Acupuncture Physician; Gainesville, FL
10/89 - 10/96 Instructor, workshop presenter; Florida School ofMassage, Gainesville, FL
9/90 - 4/98 Preceptor for three different Acupuncture tutorial/apprenticeship programs
with eight students graduated and licensed.
5/97 - 2006 Guest Lecturer, University of Florida School of Medicine, Gainesville, FL
3/99 Guest Lecturer, Chi Institute of Veterinary Medicine
9/99 - 2005 Chair, Department of Tai Chi and Qi Gong at Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine
Gainesville, FL
9/99 - 2008 Instructor, Dragon Rises College; Gainesville, FL
2002 - Present Expert Witness, Florida Department of Health


Florida State Oriental Medical Association, Board of Directors 1994 -1998,
Vice President 1998 -1999


1996 "Dedication to the Profession" Florida State Oriental Medical Association
1998 "Acupuncturist of Distinction" Florida State Oriental Medical Association


1992        Pacific Symposium, Boston, MA. First big East Coast National Conference
1997 NIH Conference Establishing Acupuncture, DC
2000 Cheng Man Ching 100th Anniversary, NY (Tai Chi Chuan)
2000 National Qi Gong Association, Portland, OR
2001 National Qi Gong Association, Omega, NY
2007 25th Anniversary AAAOM National Conference, Portland, OR (National Acupuncture Associations)


1996 Florida State Oriental Medical Association Convention, Gainesville, FL
1997 Florida State Oriental Medical Association Convention, Tampa, FL


•  Many lectures, interviews and radio shows around the Gainesville area on Acupuncture and holistic topics.
•  Created, produced and moderated a cable TV show (22 shows) called “Health Alternatives,” Gainesville, FL
•  Developer of internationally marketed I-Ching productThe Tao Deck.”
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