The following testimonials are just a few of the many on file.  They have been edited for brevity and patient privacy.

     "Over an 8 year period, I've seen all sorts of specialists for severe chronic pain in my pelvic area.  Nothing helped until I had treatments from Stephen.  After the 5th visit, I actually stopped thinking about my problem!                                                                                        Now I can go a month without pain."

     "I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Stephen for over 3 years.  I initially came in for headaches in 1997.  After one treatment, my pain had subsided.  I came in 5 months later for a hip injury I had.  My pain drastically decreased after 2 sessions.  I received it again a year later for pain due to plantar fasciits.  I felt relief after 4 sessions.  Recently he helped me with menstrual difficulties."

     "Not only did acupuncture and herbal medication control my PMS, but there were no side-effects as with past treatment."

     "Stephen's needles have magic in them.  Over the years I have dragged myself into his office with any variety of illnesses of either the body, the mind or the spirit.  His treatments keep turning my energy back towards wellness.  His ability to effectively diagnose and treat the problem has kept me coming back for over 11 years."

     "I have known Stephen since 1986.  My first visit with him was for low back pain and sciatica.  He listened carefully to my complaints and took his time to diagnose the source of my problem.  After I had a few treatments with him, my back pain was reduced significantly and eventually I was healed.                                                                 

     More recently, I have been suffering from chronic skin allergies.  He has helped me significantly and has healed most of my symptoms.  Since I have received regular acupuncture my urinary tract and kidney has not been sick at all and I feel much healthier.  

     I would like to add that his treatments as well as his thorough explanations have increased my awareness about my body....In other words, his healing technique has made me a more conscious person and I feel I am in charge of my body."

     "I have been a patient since 1992.  I have a history of multiple, irreversible back and neck injuries with intractable pain.  I had reached the point that my pain was so severe that I was prepared to take my life. From my very first treatment I received great relief."    

     "I have received acupuncture treatments from Stephen Schachter since November 16, 1986.  I was first treated for malaise and fatigue.  Another local practitioner who has very impressive credentials previously treated me, but in my opinion, the treatements from Mr. Schachter were very superior.  I was also treated in Washington State by another competent practitioner who was not his equal either.

     ...I have learned that I can avoid both the allergies and frequent sinus infections and colds if I am treated with acupuncture at the onset.  I have been treated for chest congestion numerous times, and was relieved immediately."

     "I have been a patient of Steve's since May 1997 (12/2000).  I visited Steve for neck and lower back pain, earache and sinus headaches.  As he began placing the needles, his intuitiveness to the healing process would be confirmed by his careful observation of my responses to the treatment.  His treatments, along with herbal therapy, were most effective in providing the healing support that I need to maintain a healthy life.
     He also treated my husband for Meniere's Disease and inner ear dysfunction.   Due to these treatments, he is able to control the disease and is now living a healthy life."

     "I find Stephen to be very objective, intelligent and has a soothing 'tableside' manner during every one of my 30 visits over the years.  He has an ability of professionalism that I find remarkable, this is why I drive 45 minutes from Ocala.  There are others Acupuncturists in my area yet I find one thing that he has that others do not have:  The intent to heal."

     "I have known Mr. Schachter for over 15 years.  Over the years I have referred patients to him for acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, including my family and myself.  I have impressed with his medical skills as well as his acupuncture techniques."

     "I had migraine headaches for 28 years.  No course of treatment offered permanent relief until my five sessions finally cleared it up!"

     "My back hurt all the time from degenerative bone disease.  Acupuncture treatments significantly reduced my pain.  Now I can stand for hours at a time in my workshop without discomfort."

      "I am a medical professional.  I seek Stephen out for nearly all of my health concerns.  After a serious injury he provided me with the only true and lasting relief of the pain I was suffering.  I highly recommend him to others regularly.

     Furthermore, and personally most importantly to me, Stephen seems to be one of the last of a dying breed. The kind of care that he administers is rare in today's field of medical professionals.  I can only compare his level of care to the early memories I have of the 'family doctor.'  Above and beyond his obvious skill and undeniable results, he truly cares about his patients."

     "...A severe migraine precipitated a light stroke.  At first I had difficultly walking, but this problem resolved after a week or so.  However, I continued to be unable to write or to type 3 weeks later.  Because both are crucial to my work, I was very worried.  Finally it occurred to me to call for acupuncture.  After a single treatment from Steve, my ability to write and type was restored."

     "I have known Stephen personally and professionally since 1985.  I started my practice of Chiropractic just a couple of years before he began his.  He was referred to me as a good person to refer my patients for excellent acupuncture care.  My wife and I have both received care with excellent results.  Patients I have referred over the years report the same.
     His teaching, lecturing, and doctoring have made Gainesville an attractive town for dozens of acupuncturists to begin a practice.  Fifteen years ago, in the face of near total ignorance, he began to educate this community to the great value of acupuncture.
     Eleven years ago I became near fatally ill of a mysterious poison.  I had 3 doctors I chose to help save me.  Dr. Schachter was one of the the three."

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