The Tao Deck

Cover of card package

      The TAO DECK is a beautifully made card system for consulting the I-Ching, Chinese book of wisdom. The I-Ching is one of the foundation stones of Chinese culture. In its present form it is 2000 years old and has been in continuous use to the present day. Next to the Bible and the Koran, the I-Ching is the most translated book on the planet.

      The I-Ching is a living map of creation born from the observation of nature and awareness of the duality of space and time. Emerging more than 5000 years ago, the truth it embodies has resonated through centuries of cultural change. Application of its guidance continues to bring students to deeper understanding of self, relationships and the natural principles of the elemental universe.

      The Tao Deck expands upon the classical techniques for generating a Hexagram by its intuitive and direct methods. The visual dimension of the Tao Deck creates an opportunity to increase the intuitive connection to the archetypes of the I-Ching. Each Trigram is illustrated through imagery that can act as a doorway to deeper levels of insight. (Click HERE for card explanations and images.)

      Included with the card deck is a pocket size Shambhala I-Ching book translated by Thomas Cleary, a velvet carrying pouch that holds book and cards and an instruction manual. There are 24 Oracle cards used for generating the answer Hexagram, 8 Trigram Key cards and 2 information cards.

The 8 Trigram Key Cards

Display of cards from deck

      Stephen Schachter first conceived of this idea in the early 1990's while pondering connections between the I-Ching and Chinese Medicine. Finally he connected with the visionary artist Paul Guess who created the artwork and designed the cards.

The Heaven Trigram Card & Print

Heaven card

      Prints of the 8 Trigram images are available in 2 different sizes. Please see the Tao Deck website to order the Deck or prints at:

The Water Trigram Card & Print

Water card

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